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Get Auto For Me is here to cater to the needs and wants of each and every customer. We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as being able to meet your individual needs. Get Auto For Me doesn’t want our relationship to just end once you get your new vehicle. That’s why we have developed our Affiliate/Referral program. This program allows YOU to make some extra CASH!!

It was a pleasure to work with the guys at I am definitely grateful for Bret and very satisfied with the service I've received.

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Auto loans are looked upon favorably among the national banks. An auto loan will help your credit score grow quickly. Let our professionals guide and work with you to re-build your credit and to get you a new vehicle. Working with GetAutoFor.Me is not only about getting a new vehicle its about building a relationship with each and every member.

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Interest rates can vary from one customer to another. It's the perceived RISK that determines the Rate for a vehicle loan, by the lender. Getautoforme ® has partnered with hundreds of dealers across Canada who offer various financing options. Regardless of Credit history, our goal is to partner you up with the best possible Dealer Partner to suit your needs. Get driving today by completing SIGN UP.


The total cost of a vehicle including any fees,options that the lender or dealership may have for the vehicle loan. Typically vehicle loans are "open" meaning they can be paid out at any time without any penalties. *always contact your lender when paying out your loan. To know how much is outstanding and if there are any penalties associated with paying it out.


Term can range from 24 months to 84 months, the length of time that payments will be made for. Usually the year of the vehicle will determine the allowed term of the loan. For example a brand new vehicle would be able to have a longer term than a vehicle that was 5 years older. Ultimately like Interest Rates, the lender will take risk into account when determining the term.

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